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We believe that a model of support and care aimed at recovery is essential for all people with serious mental illness including those who come into contact with the criminal justice system.

Hafal’s clients have found that recovery depends on the three components in the following diagram:


1. Empowerment and self-management

Empowerment means exercising rights and responsibilities in making choices
about life.

Self-management means taking the actions required to lead a life based on those choices.

Within the criminal justice system and within hospital there are of course significant restraints on a person’s ability to make choices (especially in prison). However, their recovery still depends on developing their empowerment and self-management.


2. Commitment to progress

Recovery depends on actively taking steps to improve life. It is vital to agree and act upon a step-by-step, goal-focused plan. The key plan for people with serious mental illness is the required care plan under the Mental Health (Wales) Measure. You can download our guide to the Measure here.

The National Probation Service and the Prison Service are both involved in offender management from the moment a person enters prison to the time they end their sentence in the community under licence. Both agencies use the Offender Assessment System (known as OASys) to assess risk and develop a plan to reduce reoffending.


3. A ‘Whole Person Approach’

Recovery is not just about medication or other therapies which deal directly with symptoms. Recovery requires a “Whole Person” approach (sometimes called a ‘holistic’ approach). This means addressing all key aspects of life which together contribute to well-being. By setting goals in all areas of life people can approach recovery more comprehensively. Below we set out the eight key areas of the Whole Person Approach.

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