Portal for professionals


Portal for professionals – for the Home Page please follow this link.

Hi, I’m Jo and welcome to my Criminal Justice Survival Guide.

This portal is designed to introduce the Guide to professionals who are supporting people with a mental illness.


Which professionals can use the Guide?

Although the Guide is aimed mainly at service users and their families and carers it can also assist professionals including…

  • Staff in criminal justice agencies including the Police, Probation, and Prisons
  • Lawyers and their support staff and the CPS
  • Staff in mental health services including the NHS, Social Services, and private sector
  • Voluntary sector staff
  • Staff supporting carers
  • Advice and other non-specialist staff who engage with this client group.


How can professionals use the Guide?

Professionals are of course welcome simply to use the Guide themselves but we would strongly encourage you to sign-post users, families, and carers to the Guide where this is practical. Our experience tells us that many users have access to the internet and, where they do not, their families and carers often do. Alternatively, they may be able to use public access in libraries and elsewhere.

You can also show the Guide to clients – or groups of clients – on your own hardware: this can be an effective way to explain specific issues or to demonstrate the whole pathway.

The Guide is designed for use on-line but you can also print information – we request that where this is done whole pages are printed including graphics and branding.


Can professionals depend on the Guide?

We are confident that the guide is accurate but to keep it simple and accessible it does not cover every matter: it is not of course a substitute for your own agencies’ specialist guidance.

We believe the Guide is especially useful for professionals who want to check aspects of the pathway outside their specialist area – or to explain that wider context to clients.


Where do I start?

It is important to read the Guide in its wider context so we suggest you go through the main Home Page and from there to How to use this Guide. The Guide is not long so you may want to read right through it: this will convey a sense of the whole pathway which is a key purpose of the Guide.

Don’t forget the Getting Help – Key Contacts page which contains onward links.

You may also want to make use of the wider information and news on…


And please encourage your colleagues to make use of the Guide and these other on-line resources!


What if I have comments on the Guide?

We welcome your comments – particularly where you believe there are inaccuracies or omissions or if you believe the Guide could be improved. Contact us on this link.