Keeping out of trouble

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Obviously, it is in anyone’s interest not to get into difficulty in the first place. Here are some of the ways in which you can avoid this…

  • Avoid using illegal drugs (or alcohol inappropriately) as they can affect your mental state.


  • If you think you are becoming unwell make sure you tell your carer/social worker/psychiatrist as soon as possible so that they can assist you in managing this.


  • Don’t stop taking your medication without discussing this with your doctor or psychiatrist.


  • Avoid places where you may become victimised or bullied by other people (for example areas where people hang out drinking).


  • Try to sort out arguments and difficulties calmly. If necessary, ask for help from a neutral party in resolving the problem.


  • If you are having difficulties managing your money ask for help from a social worker or the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.