Jo’s Criminal Justice Survival Guide

Hi, I’m Jo and I’m presenting this Guide for people with a mental illness who come into contact with criminal justice agencies.

I have had my own experiences of the police, courts, probation and prison services – and so I know how important it is to cooperate with them at the same time as knowing my rights, asking the right questions, and getting help along the way. You can see more about me here.

Many people with a serious mental illness have some contact with criminal justice agencies. That might be because you have got into trouble or just because the police are concerned about your safety.

You – or your family or professional carers – can use this Guide to understand better what is happening and what to do at each stage in your pathway through the system. (Professionals may like to look at our Professionals’ Portal.) We cover the whole pathway but note that most people who enter the system don’t end up in prison, even if they are convicted of an offence.

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